Must-Read: Best Workout Places

Some workouts go hand in hand with the area of the country you’re trying to work out in. You’re not going to be playing basketball in northern Alaska the same as you wouldn’t be chucking mounds of ice in the extreme heat of the Arizona desert. It’s simple logic, people. But this is the first time we’ve seen a website compose an intricate and expansive map of the greatest places in America for certain workouts.

Work out!

Men’s Health has really outdone themselves with this one. It’s a map/list of the best places to workout in our great United States of America. If you live nearby one of these sites, head over right away and get some work in. If not, maybe stick performing these workouts on your Bucket List. What better way to traverse the country?

For a little preview, here’s their entry on playing basketball in the picturesque Memphis, Tennessee:

There?s always action on the courts at Halle Park in Memphis, Tennessee, which are open 24 hours a day, and stay lit at night. “On the playgrounds, there’s more one-on-one,” says Ben Gordon, 25, a Chicago Bulls shooting guard. ?Your best chance of winning is to keep your defender off balance.?

THE DRILL Gordon practices his offensive creativity by starting at the top of the key and dribbling to a location on the court. He hesitates, and then explodes as fast as possible to another area and takes a jump shot. “Hesitations keep your defender guessing,? says Gordon, ?and once that happens, you can create an open shot.” Gordon performs this drill for 15 minutes, practicing short-, mid-, and long-range shots.

DO IT If you can?t make it to Memphis, test your skills at Sunset Park, in Las Vegas, NV, where the best high-stake games are from 6 p. m. to 11 p. m., or Venice Beach, in Venice, CA, home to four courts made famous by White Men Can?t Jump.

So get out there!

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