My Favorite Places To Meet Girls


Chicks, man. They’re all over the freakin’ place!

But, that being said, there are some places that kinda stink for meeting girls (like a bingo hall on a Tuesday night), and other places that are just unreal. So, in this short article I’m gonna run through a few of my favorite places to meet girls. These are all places that I’ve used for years now that just keep on providing for me with new lady friends over and over and over again like clockwork!

1. Outside Clubs at 2 AM

You don't even need to leave your place

This is an UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME time and place to meet women for a variety of reasons. Logistically, it is perfect because when a club or large bar closes up for the night, hundreds of scantily dressed, somewhat intoxicated, young women pour out on to the street and try to figure out where they should go next.

The social dynamics here can get pretty complex, but there are many scenarios where you can make out like a bandit. For example, maybe you and your friend roll up and see two female friends who are on their way out after being hit on for three hours by guys with weak game. These girls aren’t ready to call it a night, but they don’t see any other options until you step up to them.

Other times you might run into a single girl who’s friend or friends are going back to some other guy’s apartment, and she doesn’t want to go. But she will go back to your place to keep the party going! Nice!

Another really cool thing about this trick is that you don’t even need to go into the club or spend and cash! So these girls won’t have even seen you yet. While all the other guys are hammered and acting dumb trying to get laid, you’ll be all rested and fresh!

Honestly, this is something I haven’t done for years now, because nowadays I go to bed at like one or two. But back in college and when I was under 21 we would always drive down past the clubs at closing time if we hadn’t gotten into any other types of fun yet.

2. Work

Obviously this one depends on what you choose to do for work. If you work on a cattle ranch, or in the Navy off on a boat someplace, then work might not be a great place to meet women. However there are a few jobs that are incredible and can literally introduce you to a hundred girls or more in one day.

I’ve never talked about this much, but for years in college, and for years afterwards, I waited tables and bartended part time. It was fun to say the least. It’s crazy how girls will leave you their number on a napkin for absolutely no reason whatsoever. All you’ve got to do is smile, serve them a couple drinks, and act nonchalant.

But check this out: Not only are there are ton of girls coming in every night as customers, but if you work in the right kind of place all of your coworkers are going to be hot college girls. In fact my friends who manage restaurants pretty much only hire attractive employees – it’s discrimination, but what can you do – and most girls who work in restaurants love drinking. So after work everybody always goes out to a local bar, or back to somebody’s house with a 30 pack, and we all know what that leads to…

There are other jobs that are good for meeting women too of course like coffee shops, and pretty much any job that puts you in touch with the public is pretty good. My friend who works in a high end health club as a personal trainer pulls girls out of there like a madman.

3. Touristy Spots

Girls on vacation are always looking for a good time, particularly when it’s like two or three girlfriends who are all on a little trip together. I’ve found that women who are away from home are super eager to just hop into the sack because nobody back home is ever going to find out about it. It’s that whole what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas mentality, and luckily you don’t need to go to Vegas to meet girls who are down for some fun no-strings attached times.

Where I grew up we got a lot of tourists (foreign and domestic) all year long and particularly in the summertime. It was great because all summer long my friends and I could just go down to the touristy section of town and chat up the tourist girls. In  retrospect this was great practice because it taught me that in doesn’t matter if you screw up because tomorrow there will be a fresh batch of out-of-towners just waiting to get shown around by a local.

4. The Internet

You’ve heard me rave about this one before. It’s great because now that I’m a little older and don’t feel like going out all the time to meet girls, I can still meet more than I have time for just lounging at home.

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