Seeking Medical Advice for Your ED

Picture this: You?ve just gone out on a great date with an attractive woman. The conversation was engaging, she had her hand on your knee the entire time, and you definitely felt sparks. When you arrive at her doorstep, she invites you up, and you oblige. Things start getting hot and heavy when you two finally reach her bedroom. You pull a condom from your wallet, go to slip it on and BAM ? your man parts go limp and you find that you just cannot perform that night.

Don't give up

It is estimated that 75% of men will suffer from erectile problems at some point in their lives. Whether you?re 24 or 104, not being able to get it up can be an embarrassing experience that can take a toll on your sex life. There could be any number of reasons for your limpness, including stress, medication side effects or fatigue. If it only happens temporarily, an erectile problem is generally not a cause for concern. Some men, however, experience frequent performance issues. This is known as erectile dysfunction (ED).

ED is more common in older men, but guys in their 20?s and 30?s can suffer from it as well. In nearly 75% of all erectile dysfunction cases, a physical reason was at fault. If you think you are suffering from ED, then it is time to make an appointment with your doctor.

Erectile dysfunction can cause stress between you and your partner and lower your self esteem. It can also cause your partner to question their own sexual desirability. For your own peace-of-mind and hers, it is important to talk with your doctor about your ED symptoms. Erectile dysfunction is treatable and there are several medication options that you can discuss with your doctor.

There are a number of drugs on the market, such as Viagra, that specifically treat ED. Other options that you can explore include penile implants, injections, vacuum pumps and suppositories.

Besides finding a treatment for your ED, it is important to also find the cause behind it. There are a number of serious health issues that can be linked to erectile dysfunction including diabetes, high blood pressure and atherosclerosis. Finding out what the exact cause is will help save you from more severe health conditions and even surgery.

Numerous men can find themselves feeling anxious or embarrassed about discussing their ED with their doctor, but there is no reason to feel this way. Erectile dysfunction is a common male health issue and your doctor will not judge you.

Make sure that you provide your doctor with a list of all of your ED symptoms including when the symptoms started and how often it happens. Also give your doctor a list of any medications, vitamins, supplements or anything else you might be taking. You should also tell your doctor about any recent stresses or changes in your life such as losing your job or moving. Stress can sometimes be the culprit behind ED.

The doctor will ask you a lot of questions about your health history and lifestyle, including if you smoke and how much alcohol you consume. He will also perform a physical exam which includes examining your penis and prostate. The exam can also include blood tests and other lab work.

Erectile dysfunction is treatable and does not have to affect your life. Be sure to discuss treatment options with your doctor and get back to making sexy-time with those hot women.


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