Must-Read: Have Yourself Some Wild Sex

Would this really be a week if we didn’t lay down a link to some sex tips in these parts?

This week, it’s all about her. Namely, what she likes. And by finding out what she likes, that means she’ll actually want to have sex with you, which means that you’ll be getting more sex from her, which is really the goal of any of these tips anyway, right?

Turn her into a sex kitten!

The article we’re linking to is from Men’s Health. They go through a variety of ways to have “the wild sex she craves.”What does that mean exactly? It means getting her to lose control with you, to turn her into an unrestrained beast, to turn the buttoned up school girl into a veritable porn star. She has it in her. She wants to do it. She just needs to be made to feel comfortable before hand.

And to do so is an all-day or all-week affair. It’s not just getting her in bed and making her feel comfortable there. It’s getting the mood started with something like a great dinner:

Stoke the Home Fires

Unleash your inner Emeril and you’ll nail the top two mood-boosters for women. “When you cook for somebody, it says, ‘You’re worth my time,’ and that’s the biggest turn-on of all,” says Martha Hopkins, author of Intercourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook.

Our advice: Whip up an easy appetizer, not a five-course meal. A simple asparagus-and-prosciutto dish?saut? the stalks in olive oil for 3 minutes, wrap with prosciutto, sprinkle on goat cheese and pine nuts?is packed with zinc, a key mineral needed for maintaining erections.

Follow with a chocolate dessert and you’ll load up on phenylethylamine, a neurotransmitter that activates the brain’s pleasure center, and caffeine, which can jolt sex drive.

For more tips, follow the link. And then get her in the mood!

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