Writing A High Value Online Dating Profile

If you are trying to meet women on online dating sites, then you absolutely must have a well written, high value dating profile. This is not optional, it?s?absolutely mandatory if you want to see results.

This is something that I help guys out with just about every single day. I have a service I call an ?Online Dating Makeover? that I offer on my website where I actually review guys? profiles, and tell them what they need to change to start getting dates.?Over the past couple of years I just keep on seeing the same mistakes over and over and over again, and the really crazy part is that it?s not hard to fix these things, and go from zero dates to having more options than you have time for.

Make that profile perfect

So, today I?m going to go over a few rules for writing an attractive dating profile, which if followed correctly should improve your results significantly:

1. Convey High Status

In the world of dating/seduction advice there is a lot of talk about status and value and the importance of displaying this status or value to women in order?to attract them. And it?s true, women are naturally attracted to guys who are winning at life and are successful across the board, with other women, with?their career, with their physical fitness, etc.

But it?s hard to convey your high status to women the right way without it coming across as bragging, which ironically has the opposite effect and conveys?LOW status. You see, women are pretty good at telling when a guy is trying too hard to ?sell? himself and talk himself up to get her to like him. So the trick becomes how to convey this high status without having it come across as ?try-hard.?

This is accomplished by leaving out information and alluding to your status rather than featuring it. So, for instance, instead of saying ?I was just promoted to junior Vice President of my company,? you can instead talk about some of the benefits that your career gives you in an indirect way by saying?something like, ?The thing that I like about my job is that I get to travel a lot and see the country? and then go into a personal story about some of your?fun adventures on the road. This will show her that you have got things going for you, without making it look like you have anything to prove.

2. Convey A Studly Attitude

So that we?re clear, a ?studly attitude? means that you are upbeat, masculine, ambitious, and not overly fragile and sensitive. This is the mentality that?women are UNIVERSALLY attracted to in men, and therefore is something that you should work on developing if you really want to be successful with women in the long run.

However, when you are dating online not only do you need to HAVE this attitude, but you also need to know how to get it across to women in a few short?paragraphs. An easy way to stud-up your profile is to go through it line by line and ask yourself, ?Is this sentence upbeat, masculine and ambitious?? If?not, rewrite it or scrap it.

And then, as the coup de grace … go back in and make sure to add a line or two that show that you?ve got a sensitive side. It should still be upbeat, but touch on something a little cuter like talking about a puppy or a kitten to show you can be soft and gentle too.

3. Convey Fun

Last but not least, you really want your profile to show women that you are a fun guy who has a fun life. Every woman who is using online dating is doing so because she wants to have new ENJOYABLE experiences. What she doesn’t want is to waste another evening sitting in some restaurant with a lame dude who is?asking her a bunch of interview questions and telling her all about his fascinating career in accounting.

Most of the profiles that my clients send me to review score very low on the ratings for fun. They say the same old shit as everybody else: ?I love spending time with my family,? ?I work hard but play harder,? ?It?s hard to meet people since I left college,? ?I?m sick of the bar scene,? and this stuff just conveys?zero personality or fun.

One trick I teach guys that works really well is to take something super mundane and make it sound like the funnest coolest thing ever. For instance you?could say, ?I love going to the laundry mat on Saturday mornings. You can call me crazy, but I just find the sound of all the washers and driers really?soothing. Plus they always have golf on the TV, so I can just go in there with a ?nice latte, kick up my heels and just chill out to the max, it?s like an?urban meditation retreat.”

Sound weird? Maybe, but stuff like this works like Gangbusters to peek a woman?s interest and show her that you are not just another dope!

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