Finding Your Party Personality to Get Girls

Since the invention of kegs and cleavage, youngsters, especially males, have had a love for partying.

Although there are probably a host of reasons to let loose and rage on the weekend, I?m guessing that you, like most guys, party because you like to drink and want to have sex. You?ve been spanking the monkey six times a week for two months, and you want to break the dry spell.

Girls and alcohol create the potential for a wild evening, and drunkenness just makes you feel so much more confident, right?

Unfortunately, confidence alone is not going to consistently get you in the sack with the cute girl you?ve been glancing at since she walked in the door. A combination of other factors combine to improve or devastate your chances of capitalizing on a party scenario.

Not sure which one this is.

The best way to develop more reliable game is to do a little experimenting and discover your ideal party persona.

Not everyone can be the life of the party, but that doesn?t mean that different dudes aren?t wildly successful with different approaches to getting the attention of girls at a party.

Here are brief profiles of three personas I?ve seen guys take on and use successfully to take girls home at a party.

?The Bro?

The bro isn?t really interested in the females walking through the door. He?s gargoyling the keg or having a laugh with a friend at someone else?s expense. He?s almost always fairly drunk and seems more interested in refilling his cup than conversing with the felines.

The bro may have a few playful insults that he throws out at various chicks throughout the night. If he plays it correctly (and looks halfway decent in a baseball cap), many girls at the party will desire the bro. They see that the other guys like him, and it is in a girl?s nature to desire something/someone that another person enjoys.

Also, the bro?s apparent lack of interest in females makes the women feel unwanted. And women usually want what they can?t have.

?The Shy Guy?

The shy guy doesn?t say too much, as is implied by his name. He makes it clear that he is interested in conversing with girls by placing himself in their general vicinity, but he has trouble initiating the conversation. Once he gets past hello, the effective shy guy is sweet, soft-spoken, and sensitive, something many girls find attractive.

The shy guy who attracts girls for hooking up is likely to have looks working in his favor. Plus, he had better be able to be conversational and charming once he breaks the ice, because he?s not going to talk to too many girls throughout the night.

?The Life of the Party?

The life of the party is usually the most fool-proof way to attract girls quickly, but only a select number of guys can successfully pull off this persona. The life of the party is loud without being obnoxious. He is entertaining and effortlessly converses with both guys and girls.

He makes people laugh. He is usually tall. He has a never-ending supply of semi-witty remarks that girls find to be just hilarious as a result of his good looks and confidence. He gets more and more fun after a few drinks.

This is the role that I often see guys most trying to imitate. A word of caution. There can usually be just one or two ?life of the party? personalities per night because they conflict and one will dominate the other. Chances are that another approach will better highlight your strengths.

In Closing

The point of the article is that each person is different. You can greatly improve your chances of hooking up with a girl by finding your proper place in a party environment. The three personas outlines here are merely examples and represent a small fraction of the total party personalities. A hybrid of two or more personalities or a completely different approach could be your best option.

Get out there, test the waters, and pay attention to what works best for you. You?ll be laughing about your days of flogging the dolphin in no time.

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