Must-Read: Interview with Christina Hendricks

If there is a thing on the Internet with Christina Hendricks mentioned in it, there’s about a 95% chance we’re going to link to it, if only to give us an excuse to post a photo of her. Like, say, this one:

The lovely Christina Hendricks

Which is why today we’re highlighting this interview with the lovely Ms. Hendricks over at our friends website The Campus Socialite. In it, she talks a bit about Mad Men and her role in the new movie Drive, which is getting a whole heaping help of positive press recently and is supposed to be amazing. Here she is, talking about that amazing buzz:

Scott: Will you be disappointed if Drive doesn?t receive get any awards come Oscar season, cause I know I will be?

Christina: I?m already astounded at all the buzz around it. Like Mad Men, I?m not surprised since I am such a fan myself and I know the quality of work. But you never know if people are going to see it and you hope people respond but?you never know. All you can do is do it because you love it and if someone else sees it and says they loved it?it?s nice.

The whole thing’s worth reading, if only because the guys there have interspersed the interview itself with some amazing photos of Ms. Hendricks. They certainly know their audience. So head over there and check it out.

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