John Tesh is Not a Personal Trainer

John Tesh haunts my dreams. Every time I?m in my car scanning the radio for a good song, there he is, sandwiched between AC/DC and Lady Gaga, referencing some random statistic. Did you know that one in four gun owners get shot? I didn?t until the all-knowing John Tesh told me so.? And the easy listening DJ?s reach extends well beyond firearms; he regularly doles outstatisticson health and fitness. Where?s it all coming from? Can one new study replace all there is to know about weightlifting, dieting, etc.?

John Tesh!

For every study seemingly proving one theory, there?s another shooting it down. Never is this more apparent than when it comes to those involving health and fitness.? Did you hear that eating dark chocolate is just as beneficial as exercise? Scientists at Wayne State University in Detroit gaveepicatechin, a chemical found in dark chocolate, to mice. The chemical was found to stimulate muscle growth by increasing the number of mitochondria in the mice?s muscle cells.

What knowledge do we gain from the WSU study? That epicatechin increases the mitochondria count in mice, right? According to the Daily Express, this study proves that ?Chocolate gives you a workout.?Other news outlets used this study to publish similarly misleading headlines such as ?Why Dark Chocolate is As Good For You As Exercise? or ?Hate Exercising? Eat Chocolate.? That?s great advice. Forget working out. Just wolf down some dark chocolate (Maybe some Mounds bars!) and you?ll have a body to die for.

You can drop the weights too! Some news outlets have decided to spin research conducted at Duke University to suggest that cardio workouts are 100% more effective than resistance training for losing fat. Citing a study that appeared in the August 25 issue of the American Journal of Physiology, journalists have spun the story in a way so that going for a run is always the better alternative than lifting weights. Forget the fact that muscle burns fat. We need headlines!

If you happened to buy an Ab Circle Pro, you might be wondering why you?re not sporting that six pack yet after seeing/falling for the product?s ads. I mean, look at those totally undoctoredbefore and after pictures;That could be me! The Advertising Standards Authority actually found that the infomercial for the Ab Circle Pro was misleading, stating that it ?portrayed unrealistic outcomes? and subsequently banned the ad.

The Advertising Standards Authority?s ban was great, but if you want to avoid falling for false fitness claims, you can?t rely on well-meaning organizations to crack down on fitness scammers. You?ve got to have the common sense to know that drastic physical improvement doesn?t come from a shoddy piece of plastic or in 6 to 8 weeks (Real Ab Circle Pro ad copy: ?Plenty of people want washboard abs, but not everyone wants to do the crunches required to trim the flab.?) If you?re willing to make the commitment to your physical well-being, make a commitment to seek out the facts before buying some product that?s supposed to shake the fat away.

Before you load up on dark chocolate and sell your bench, just wait. If you care enough about your body, go the extra mile and do your research. Feed your head with some solid info from trainers and reputable sources and you?ll be better prepared to get the body you?re aiming for. I heard that 4 in 4 people that believe everything John Tesh has to say can?t count to ten.

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