Must-See: Kenny Powers as Darth Vader

We tend not to use this space to simply post videos and be done with it — generally, it’s chock full of fitness advice or photos of attractive females doing their hot thangs — but we are making an exception in this case. You see, it’s a video of Darth Vader re-cut with dialogue from Kenny Powers. And if those two words, “Kenny” and “Powers” put side by side, don’t mean anything to you, well, then you’re cocky-ass motherfucker who’s not worth it. Yeah.

Critique the video’s length if you must, or the various interludes where Kenny/Darth narrates his book (the visuals aren’t quite there yet for that one), but whenever Vader roams the halls of the Death Star talking shit with every Imperial trooper around … that’s worth the press of the Play button itself.

So, then, without further adieu, enjoy. And Happy Monday everyone.

Kenny Powers IS Darth Vader – STAR WARS Mashup (NSFW) – watch more funny videos

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