Must-Read: Most Disgusting Drinks in the World

Put the drink down!

We’ve always said that there is pretty much nothing we won’t try at least once, especially when it comes to alcohol consumption. You see, we love drinking. It’s truly one of the most glorious achievements of mankind, to find out how to create the great flavor and feel of an alcohol buzz. But for every perfectly calibrated and honed microbrew beer, there are horribly disgusting drinks that have no value and no reason to enter your mouth.

Luckily, instead of having to actually find these and alert you to the disgustingness of the drinks, the good folks over at did the work for us. As this, number 5 in their countdown shows, just because some cultures are hard-up for creating alcoholic beverages doesn’t mean you have to try them:

No.5 Airag, Mongolia

Also known as “kumis” in some parts of the world, airag is the product of necessity and someone?s diseased imagination. The Mongolian fondness for horses extends past riding and eating them to milking them. The mare?s milk is stored in a cow?s stomach near the entrance of each family?s yurt, or nomadic tent, and left to ferment until it reaches close to 5% alcoholic content. An average person can drink as much as 5 liters of the stuff in a day, and their passion for it means that Mongolia also has one of the highest incidences of cirrhosis of the liver anywhere in the world.

HOW DOES IT TASTE? Imagine watery, sour yogurt with an aroma of equine piss. This is worse.

And this is just number 5. Head over to the link above for the other 4. Warning, it just gets worse and worse.

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