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How to Quit Smoking Like a Pro

Back when you were in high school or even college, you may have thought it was cool to light up. Even in today?s pop culture, smoking is presented as a truly masculine characteristic. Think James Dean strutting down the road in a leather jacket with a cigarette dangling from his mouth or Rob Lowe?s character lighting up in The Outsiders as he provided advice to Ponyboy.

No longer cool, folks

Now-a-days, smoking is way less cool and if you?re still doing it, you?re an idiot. Not only does it take a major toll on your health and financial budget, it also yellows your teeth, creates premature wrinkles and stinks up all of your clothes. No woman in her right mind would want to make-out with a guy who tasted and smelled like an ashtray.

A new study also proves that people conducted by the University of Missouri also found that people who quit smoking between the ages of 18 and 25 are less impulsive and neurotic. Do you want to stop calling that hot chick at 3 a.m. every time she pops into your thoughts? Quitting smoking could lessen these impulsive behaviors.

There is never a great time to quit smoking. The daily dramas and pressures of everyday life will always make you want to light up again. You need to be truly committed to quitting before you even attempt at throwing away your last pack of Marlboro?s.

Once you?ve whole-heartedly decided that you want to quit, set a date for yourself. Put a big red ?X? in your calendar and decide that on that day you will quit smoking forever. Before that day, make a list of all of the reasons why you want to quit. This can include items such as ?I want to not run out of breath while I?m having sex? and ?I?ll be saving money.? Having a tangible list of items will help you to remind yourself why you?re doing this when the going gets tough.

Let your buddies, coworkers and family members know that you?re going to be quitting. This way, you can avoid social situations where lighting up may be a temptation, such as in bars. By having the support of your loved ones, quitting will be that much easier.

Try and carry around ?mouth toys? to occupy yourself when a craving hits. These can include gum, straws, candy or veggies.

Another good way to keep your mind off smoking is by hitting the gym. Try going two to three times a week. You?ll soon notice a different in your cardio performance. Take not of how much better your body feels after not smoking. This will encourage you to keep with it and stay healthy.

There are also multiple support groups that you can attend to help you stay clean. If you think that you might need medical assistance, there are also prescription medications that you can take in order to keep the cravings at bay.

Quitting is tough, but if you put your mind to it and form a game plan for yourself, you can overcome your addiction.

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