Radical Honesty: Making Fun of Your Ego

Let’s face it, you can never get rid of your ego. So why try act you do not have one? Feelings like nervousness, anxiety, jealousy, sadness, hatred, envy, etc. are viewed as Dark emotions in today?s society that we humans are learned to be ashamed of and repress.

Take a lesson from stand-ups

We do not want others to know we have any insecurities. We adults are suppose to be beyond those kind of “immature” emotions. We want to always show others we are strong, behaving good, saying the right things, and always be cool and controlled on the outside, and never show any insecurities.

We learn about good and bad.

Our parents and society teach us to be punished for behaving “bad” and rewarded for being “good”. Later as we reach our adulthood, we do not longer need our parents to tell us when we’ve fucked up and need to be punished, because the punishment/reward system has been so ingrained in us from childhood that when we have behaved BAD we punish ourselves.

But what if you flip those GOOD versus BAD emotions around and do not longer labor your feelings as good nor bad, but just emotions that want to be expressed beautifully.

The best thing that you can do to have more fun in your life, and handle your emotions and not let your emotions get the best out of you, is if you just exaggerate them and express them funny.

For an example, let us take the feeling envy. How can we use that feeling to our advantage and express it to be funny?

Let’s say you are in a bar, and a good looking guy is starting to hit on the woman you are interested in and are talking to. Just exaggerate your feelings in a humorous way. For an example, if you’re feeling afraid, he will out-alpha you and steal that chick you’re with because he is so much more good looking than you.

Using your insecurities to your advantage, you say to the girl:

“Oh my god, he’s so good looking. This is it. I can never compete with him over you, he’ll he almost make me want to be gay.


“He’s so charming, it was nice meeting you. I better leave now, so you can fall in love with each other. And if you fuck up with him, give me a call, so I can hit on him because he’s just so cute.”

Or something like that. Just take whatever your insecurities are and exaggerate them in a humorous way. That is actually what stand-up comedians do. That is the recipe to be funny.

Use this formula on every emotion you have, whatever it is viewed as bad or good, it does not matter. Having the courage of speaking your truth all the time is being a confident man.

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About Joakim Sjodin Joakim Sjodin is a viking from sweden who loves to play the guitar and remain humble towards life