Top Five Movies of Salma Hayek

When I started to examine the filmography of Salma Hayek, I thought there would be so much more. Maybe it?s because I?m thinking of the cool appearances on one of my favorite TV shows, ?30 Rock.? But, that doesn?t explain it. I mean I know I?ve seen her in a lot. Except that I haven?t. It?s just that when I do see her, she makes such a great impression as a beautiful, fun woman that even though it is just a few roles here and there that I?ve seen, it may seem like more.

Dusk 'Til Dawn!

Or, I could just be trying to make excuses for the particularly lovely Salma when I see movies like ?Grown Ups? and ?Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire?s Assistant? in her recent roles. I have no clue if those movies are good or not (though I have my suspicions) it?s just that I have no interest in seeing them. I want to see more like her top five below. The ones that make me think she?s one of the best and most beautiful actresses around. Forgetting the existence of ?Wild Wild West? and ?Spy Kids 3D: Game Over? will just help me to keep my high opinion of her that came from these movies. (Please, please, just don?t mention the upcoming ?Puss in Boots.? Just don?t do it.)

5. From Dusk Til Dawn

Before all of the Spy Kids movies, Robert Rodriguez did some very cool movies, including this one, a third collaboration with Quentin Tarantino. (This followed ?Four Rooms? and the fourth entry on the list.) George Clooney and vampires just make this a fun campy classic.

4. Desperado

I think I liked ?From Dusk Til Dawn? better than ?Desperado,? but Salma naked and sexy just makes this one jump up a spot.

3. Dogma

I can?t say that I have a weakness for Kevin Smith anymore, but man, when he does a movie right, it can be really fun. While this is no ?Mallrats? there?s something about this road trip movie with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon as fallen angels. I would try to describe the rest and how Salma fits in the picture, but my head hurts trying to think about it. Just know that it involves religion, lots of talking and it is fun.

2. After the Sunset

If there are three more likable actors than Pierce Brosnan, Woody Harrelson and Don Cheadle, then my generalization doesn?t work. Still, I like these three quite a bit. (Harrelson in ?Zombieland? and Cheadle in this year?s ?The Guard? are two perfect examples of cool, fun roles in good movies.) This is almost Brosnan?s movie as the master thief, well except that if you have Salma parading around in a bikini most of the time, she becomes the focus of the movie.

1. Frida

A very well made and well-acted movie, Salma earned an Oscar nomination for the titular role. I never found a unibrow so attractive until this movie.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Salma Hayek top five?

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