Man’s Best Workout Partner

My girl was getting big.

All she did was eat nasty food and lie around all day. I had to adjust her collar multiple times to accommodate her fat frame. No, I?m not the worst boyfriend ever (that?s yet to be determined), but the owner of a formerly pudgy puppy. Pudgy, that is, until I started taking her out on long walks every day.

Workout dog!

Dogs, like humans, need proper exercise to stay in shape. If you?ve got a dog (or you?re one of those weird people who walks their cat on a leash), why not kill two birds with one stone and exercise together. Not only will you save time by cutting back on multiple trips outside and get a workout, but you?ll use up all of the dog?s energy and actually be able to watch ?Breaking Bad? in peace for once.

Face it, exercise can be pretty lonely sometimes. Unless you?ve got a workout partner with the exact same schedule as you, you?re going to find yourself working out alone here and then. Sure, you can strike up a conversation with your spotter or the guy on the next elliptical over, but results vary. (I hear some of the stupidest conversations at the gym, just saying.)

Luckily, man?s best friend also happens to be man?s best workout buddy. No longer do you have to go on long distance runs with nothing but you, the road and Lil Wayne in your ears. You?ll have a partner to sweat along with you (in the form of panting that is.) And you?ll actually have a challenge. The top running speed of a dog is 18 to 31 miles per hour depending on the breed. Try and keep up with that why don?t you.

According to a recent article for Reuters, ??dog owners walk more, walk faster, and are more likely to enjoy an active lifestyle because of their companion animal.? Think of your dog as a mini Bob Harper less the tattoos and cheese-ball grin. You?re never going to hear your dog complain about running (especially if he?s chasing after some type of rodent.) What you?ve got is a personal trainer that you can actually train. How?s that for a role reversal?

Want to play ultimate Frisbee, but short a few humans? Train your dog to fetch and you?ve got a game. Looking to improve your backstroke? Bring Spot down to the lake and let him doggie paddle next to you. Why not take your dog along for a hike? He?ll be entertained smelling all the deer droppings and you?ll have someone to protect you should you come upon a group of insane hillbillies.

Take some precaution however if you do decide to bring your dog along for exercise. Avoid overexertion. If you?re running, keep it under 25 minutes. No matter, what you do, be sure your dog has access to water. Also, check its paws periodically and don?t let it run right after it eats.

Think you don?t have the time to fit seemingly less strenuous exercise with your dog into your schedule? Think again.I?ve got a friend who loves to hike and is in seriously insane shape. You know who I see in nearly all of his pictures with him out on his hikes? His dog.

If you?re looking to break out of your workout routine, consider bringing your dog along. Do it for both your sakes. Keep it up and your dog will be able to bench more than any other dog in the neighborhood. Kidding.


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