Top Five Movies of Téa Leoni

On November 4th, the movie ?Tower Heist? opens and movie fans will get the first glimpse of T?a Leoni on screen since 2009?s ?The Smell of Success.? (What? You don?t remember ?The Smell of Success?? Don?t worry. From what I can find on the internet, it would be stranger if you did. Though with Ed Helms, Billy Bob Thornton and Kyle MacLachlan, and written and directed by the guys who created ?Northfork? and ?Twin Falls, Idaho? it could be a hidden treasure.)

T?a Leoni

Because, like you, I?m a fan of ?The X-Files? and ?Zoolander? I primarily know T?a as Mrs. David Duchovny (but if we?re determining surnames by looking at beauty, he?s probably Mr. Leoni.) However, she?s done some pretty fantastic movies in her own right. If Duchovny keeps finding his inner ?Californication? star, maybe we?ll get to see more of T?a on the big screen and that?s a good thing.

5. Hollywood Ending

If you?ve done a film with Woody Allen (unless it is ?The Curse of the Jade Scorpion? or ?Small Time Crooks,?) it?s probably going to crack your top five movies. So, Woody, T?a, meet ranking number five.

4. Ghost Town

Tell me you can?t get a more random bunch of folks to make a funny movie with T?a. David Brent from the British ?The Office.? The Rocketeer from ?The Rocketeer.? The maid of honor from ?Bridesmaids.? Cameron from ?Ferris Bueller?s Day Off.?? The original host of ?Talk Soup.? What? This is not how you think of these people? Come on, Ricky Gervais will always be known for ?The Office,? right? No? The Golden Globes? Oh well, it?s a cool cast for a funny comedy.

3. Bad Boys

Without ?Bad Boys,? there?s no ?Bad Boys II.? Without ?Bad Boys II? would ?Hot Fuzz? be nearly as cool? Probably so, but still, since the poster for ?Hot Fuzz? and some of the film obviously has ?Bad Boys II? as the inspiration, then ?Bad Boys? gets better in retrospect. Therefore, it becomes T?a?s third best movie. Easy to understand, right?

2. The Family Man

I?m a sucker for Christmas movies about redemption. ?It?s a Wonderful Life? falls squarely in this category, but it?s not my favorite by a long shot. That label belongs to ?Scrooged? in which Bill Murray finds redemption by being good to his fellow man. Well, ?The Family Man? belongs in this category as well, and the chance to find happiness and redemption with Tea as your wife makes me think that finding happiness and redemption is a good thing.

1. Flirting with Disaster

One of the great hidden comedy gems of the 90s besides T?a, it also stars Ben Stiller, Richard Jenkins, Alan Alda, Josh Brolin, Mary Tyler Moore, Lily Tomlin and Patricia Arquette. The beautiful thing about this movie is that I can picture all of the characters in vivid detail and how they interact with each other, but besides it being a road trip to find Ben Stiller?s birth mother, I can?t tell you much else. Then again, I don?t think you need to know much else.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your T?a Leoni top five?

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