Must-Read: Save Your Face From Abuse

We all enjoy the finer vices in life. An aged cognac. A rare steak. Perhaps a Cuban cigar. But sometimes we enjoy a little too much of these vices. Getting plastered four times a week. Eating take out and McDonald’s for every meal. Smoking a pack a day for years and years at a time. And it’s the latter where our bodies start revolting and stop taking our shit. “If you want to do that to me,” they said, “then we’re going to make you fucking atrociously ugly.” But the effects of such over-abuse are so gradual that by the time we start to notice the effects, it’s already too late.

Which is why we’re pointing out this pretty amazing photo work over at Gizmodo. Over there, they’re highlighting a story by writer Anna Magee where she’s come up with different photos that project what would happen to her if she added on some of the more common vices into her lifestyle. For instance:

Maybe don't smoke ...

What’s that from?

Smoking a pack a day for 10 years. Her color has been sucked out of her.

Yeesh. We don’t tend to respond to scientific scare tactics like this, but this one’s pretty disturbing. See some other affects on Magee’s face by following the above link.

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