Must-Read: Fall is Here! Eat Sausage and Sauerkraut!

Foods! Do you like foods? Oh, what’s that, you’re not really “into” eating? Well guess what, asshole, you need to eat. Or else, what’s going to happen? Yes, you. Timmy in the corner. That’s goddamn right. You’re going to fucking die! You don’t want to die do you? Oh, you do want to die, that’s it huh? You’re going to use that act on me, are you? Yes, we’re all so impressed that you have a nihilist attitude. Nihilist. It means, like, not giving a shit about the world. N-I-H- … you can look it up yourself. In any case, you can pretend to be a tough guy here, tough guy. But that’s not going to get you off the hook. You’re going to have to stay here in class with the rest of us while I teach you how to cook some amazing sausage and sauerkraut!

Sausage and Sauerkraut

There. Thought that would shut you up.

And, whoops, sorry about that one folks. Got a little away from me there. In any case, head over to Men’s Health for this, and some other amazing, recipes. Cook it for a date who you want to impress with your ability to make a delicious warm meal, or cook them for yourself as you settle down and watch the game. Either way, it’ll taste the same.

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