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Top Five Movies of Kirsten Dunst

Now is probably not the right time for this sentiment, in the wake of expressing understanding for Hitler and a claim of being a Nazi, but I really like the films of Lars Von Trier. (Yes, I can separate the art and skills of a person from what they are like in real life. Ty Cobb was a great baseball player and an asshole. Tom Cruise is crazy and a pretty damn good actor. But, Hitler? Yeah, you can?t separate that and Lars dug himself quite the hole, even if it was said in some sort of bad jest. Rule #1 of speaking out loud in public ? don?t mention Hitler. Period. Hilter though? That?s ok.) ?Dogville,? ?The Five Obstructions,? ?The Idiots? and ?The Kingdom? all wowed me for different reasons. I already have high expectations for ?Melancholia? as well, and part of that is due to Kirsten Dunst.

Kirsten Dunst

As an actress, she has done some pretty cool things. Comedy. Superhero movies. Drama. Romantic Comedy. Plus, she?s worked with very cool directors. Sofia Coppola (Yes, ?Lost in Translation? is one of my favorite movies ever), Michel Gondry, Sam Raimi and Cameron Crowe have all directed her. I?m sure we?ll get to them coming up in Kirsten?s top five movies.

5. Wag the Dog

I?m not sure you can get a better political satire than this movie directed by Barry Levinson and co-written by David Mamet, and of course, starring Kirsten in a small part.

4. Elizabethtown

I have a weakness for romantic comedies. I don?t know why, it?s just the way it is. I also enjoy a good road trip. This movie takes those two things and combines them very well, and if the object of romance and a road trip is Kirsten, well no wonder it goes well.

3. Spider-Man 2

Superhero movies are strange. Sometimes the origin story is the best story you can tell about a superhero. However, the good ones, the ones that have depth, those are the ones that go beyond the origins because those characters have more than one dimension, like Batman or Spider-Man. That?s why the second of the trilogy by Raimi makes my list.

2. The Virgin Suicides

Yeah. This one is not a feel good movie (nor does the book by Jeffrey Eugenides inspire warm fuzzies.) Still, sometimes you want something melancholy to tide you over (see what I did there?) and this movie fits this bill. You don?t know the true story of the Lisbon girls, but you get enough hints to form a crude sketch in your own mind.

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Yeah, if I ever did a top five list for anyone that appeared in this movie, it would be his or her top movie. (Yes, even Elijah Wood and the Lord of the Rings trilogy you bunch of hobbit lovers.) I wonder if this movie got tired of all my talk about it and had me erased from its mind. Now that?s a melancholy thought.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Kirsten Dunst top five?

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