How To Make Online Dating Easier

One of the biggest complaints that I get about online dating is that it’s ?hard? to get girls to write back or meet up. So in today’s post I’m going to be talking about a few simple things that you can do to make the process of meeting women online much easier:

1. Message girls when they’re online

Go get her

Most of the big dating sites like have a feature that tells you the last time that the girl you’re looking at logged into her account. And one of the easiest ways to speed things up online is to message girls while they are actually online and logged in. When a woman is logged in to her account on a dating site you can bet your ass that she is actively thinking about men, and how much she wants to meet a cool guy.

This is the mind-state you want her to be in when she gets your email because she will be open to talking to you if you pass her initial ?Yay or Nay? response. And once you have established that you are both online and available to chat then it’s a no-brainer move things to the phone.

Of course you will also find girls you want to talk to who aren’t online, and that’s okay … but try to stick to the ones who have logged in within the past week, and the more recently the better. Messaging a girl who has been inactive for months is like asking not to get a response. Heck she could have kids by now!

2. Use a dating site

Facebook is the #2 website on the planet. All your friends are on there, and it’s not a bad place to get a date. But, if you want to make things easy on yourself stop trying to hook up with girls on social networking sites and get yourself a profile set up at a full fledged dating site.

Women with profiles on dating sites have declared the fact that they are single, and looking. Girls on paid sites (my favorite) have even gone so far as to PAY for the opportunity to meet men online, so these are some pretty hot prospects!

And don’t tell me that only desperate girls use dating sites, that’s bull. You can meet models, actresses, and all types of other hot women that you would love to date on dating sites.

3. Skip the young party girls

Who would want to date a hot young party girl anyways? LOL, Okay, young party girls can be fun to hang out with. And there are plenty of them that you can meet on dating sites. But comparatively speaking, girls over 25 who have slowed down on the partying are much easier to make plans with online.

Now?I’m not saying that you can’t pull college girls off dating sites (you can, even if you are an old fart!) But, these girls are often a lot flakier simply because they are up all night playing flip-cup, beer pong or whatever else the kids are playing these days. Plus if they are still in school and they are hot then they will have more admirers hanging around trying to distract them from leaving campus to meet you.

4. Don’t be coy

Often times a guy will wait to return a woman’s email or put off calling her because he wants to play ?hard to get? and make himself appear busy. While there would seem to be some logic to this, in the long run this sort of coy behavior will make meeting women online harder. So quit screwing around! When you get an email or a number you’ve got to strike while the iron is hot!

Don’t worry about coming across as ?too eager? because you are following up in a timely fashion. On the contrary, she’ll appreciate it.

Bottom line, online dating is NOT hard, it’s actually just about the easiest way to meet a TON of women and fill your calender up with one hot date after another. But in order to get results you need to use a strategy that works.

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