Must-Read: Flavor Fixing, 101

Stainless steel, baby!

We love food around these parts. We love eating it, we love high class four-star restaurants, we love going through the dollar menu options at midnight after a night of drinking. We love it all. What we do not love is cooking it. Sure, we’ll mess around in the kitchen a little. We’ll make a slow-cooking stew, or throw the ingredients of a meatloaf together, or make a sandwich or something. But we generally tend to pay a little for going out from our house because, in all honesty, it just tastes better. We do not have the skills — or, more accurately, the patience — for putting high quality food together and then in our mouths.

So when we stumbled upon this tip from Men’s Health about how to make those home-cooked meals taste a little better, and the tip itself was so simple and easy that, literally, anyone could do it, well, we just had to pass it along:

Using a stainless steel spoon in place of a plastic one gives you the impression that your food is more flavorful, according to a new Oxford University study.

In the study, subjects ate two identical samples of vanilla yogurt, each with a different spoon. When asked to rate their liking on a scale from 1 to 9, the yogurt eaten with the stainless steel spoon scored 5.5, while the plastic earned a 4.6.

Feel free to click the link for some more information on the study, but something like that is almost TOO easy not to do. So head on out to your local silverware store and pick yourself up a few stainless steels options.

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