Must-Read: NBA Highlights To Keep You Satisfied

As this dreaded, godawful NBA lockout continues to cancel games and make us hate both the players and the owners, the millionaires versus the billionaires, and the available sports to watch dwindles with the end of baseball and the start of most teams in the NFL being out of the playoff contest and hockey not being exciting until the playoffs start, one must turn to the Internets in order to get their NBA fix. (And don’t even begin to suggest that college basketball is a viable alternative. It is not. How dare you for even bringing it up.)

And so today we link to this collection of videos over at Men’s Fitness that features the 10 most superhuman plays in the NBA’s recent history. If these don’t bring a tear to your eye as you come to realize that, in all likelihood, the NBA is done for the year and you won’t have any of these to look forward to this year in regards to the most athletic guys in the world playing basketball, then nothing will.

Here’s our top three from their amazing list:

Head over to the above link for some more. And then pray that the NBA gets their act together so they at least have some games this season.

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