The Fantastic Fried Candy Bar Eating, Zero Working Out Fitness Instructor

Down a dozen donuts, three large pizzas, a couple Big Mac?s, and a few plates of spaghetti over the weekend? If you?re fitness trainer (that?s right, fitness trainer) Paul James from Melbourne, Australia, that?s just a pudgy little walk in the park. This Aussie packed on nearly 90 pounds in a matter of six months eating body killers like those mentioned above in order to empathize with his overweight and obese clients.

Paul James

Looking at James? before and after pictures, you?ll know just how committed this Aussie is to the needs of his clients. His dramatic weight gain was recently documented in the film ?Fat and Back.? James ditched all training whatsoever and ate anything within sight, be it fried chicken or ? gulp – fried candy bars. Not surprisingly, he developed more problems from his weight than the snickers (no pun intended) of onlookers.

As a result of his poor fitness and dietary choices, James suffered from depression, high blood pressure, joint pain, sleep apnea and chafing, He wanted to walk a mile in his client?s shoes and he did just that, albeit a painful, embarrassing agonizing one. James, back in tip-to-shape today, claims that he now knows what overweight people go through in order to get fit, the mountain they have to climb.

James? story is truly inspiring. If you?re an overweight/obese person, seeing someone gain that amount of weight, hit rock bottom physically, and get back in top-notch shape has to be motivating. It goes to show the undeniable power of regular exercise and proper nutrition.

One issue many people have brought up on message boards and article posts is that James, being a fitness trainer, was at an advantage all along. Cultivating a professional, rigorous fitness regimen over a lifetime, he was already aware of what was necessary to get back in shape. Most overweight people, undoubtedly, haven?t spent years in gyms, not only getting fit, but teaching others how to get and stay in shape. James might have demonstrated that it is possible to reach the absolute low physically and come back on top, but real overweight people face this challenge without the history.

Regardless as to the applicability of James? story to already overweight people, it?s nonetheless something worth checking out.?Go see ?Fat and Back? if you?re at all interested in achieving fitness goals. James showed that you and you alone are in control of your body. You can indulge in sweets, lie around and get fat; it?s pretty darn easy. On the other hand, you can eat a lot of healthy food, work out regularly and being awesome shape. No matter where you?re at physically, you can achieve the body of an underwear model if you work hard enough, as evidenced by James.

Why not set a goal for yourself, albeit something less insane? Take a before picture and just tell yourself you?re going to do the best you can to achieve the body you desire. After six months, take stock of how far you?ve come along. Look at said picture. Compare how much more weight you can lift or how longer you can run to where you were six months earlier. It?s a hell of a lot easier than going to an extreme like James. Treat yourself to a fried candy bar here and there, but leave room for some protein.

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