Must-Read: Signs You Need to Sleep

Get some sleep

Somehow, over the years, this weird tough guy stance has developed over sleep. If you sleep a full 8 hours a night, or spend a portion of the afternoon napping, you’re seen as a weak person who doesn’t work hard and can’t make it in the real world. A wuss, in other words. But what people seem to forget is that we actually need sleep to survive. Without a full amount of rest, our brains begin to malfunction and our bodies deteriorate. Think about it like this if you’re one of those assholes who looks down on those who sleep: If you heard that a friend of yours only ate a handful of rice a day, would you consider them weak-willed? No, you’d want them to get help for their problem.

Which brings us to the article over at Men’s Health about the 6 signs you need more sleep.Not having enough sleep isn’t something you can just ward away with caffeine and by “just powering through.” It’s an actual legit problem that has a very simple (and free) solution: Getting more sleep. Here’s one of the six signs:

1. You’re not hungry for lunch. A lack of sleep can make you constantly want to eat more, or persistently feel like you’re not hungry. It throws off your internal clock resulting in abnormal feelings?which is why so many people lose or gain weight during periods of sleeplessness.

The other five are almost as eye-opening. So head over to the website, and then think about whether or not you should head to bed.

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