How to Not Lose Your Mind this Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us. For many, that means time spent at awkward family dinners where we have to pretend to find Aunt Ethel?s Tofurkey delicious and trips to the mall where every nutcase and their mom seems to be Christmas shopping. You can see how it?s easy to lose your mind during this ?joyous? time of year. If you want to get through the holidays unscathed, read on for some helpful tips.

Cool down

The first, and most obvious, thing that you should do to keep your cool is to avoid going to the malls and department stores at all cost. Nothing can get your blood boiling more than long lines, no parking spaces, and screaming toddlers held by elves. Do all of your holiday shopping online from the comfort of your own home while drinking a beer and let those other poor souls venture into the chaos of the local mall.

The holidays are a time to reflect on all of the blessings in our lives. But this can be difficult to do when it gets dark earlier, you have to shovel out your car, and Ronny What?s-His-Name, the office snitch, is threatening to tell your boss that you want to leave work early on Christmas Eve. Try developing a positive attitude during this nerve-racking time and remind yourself daily of everything in your life that you?re thankful for. This could include something as simple as having a roof over your head or dating a hot chick that also enjoys fart jokes.

One of the major mistakes a lot of men make during the holidays is putting everything off until the last minute. That means you?re rushing to get presents, putting decorations up, and trying to figure out what the meat to pasta ratio is of that casserole you?re making for Thanksgiving. Planning ahead and doing a little bit each week to get everything ready will save you a lot of time and trouble. Try to get your gift shopping done early and then tackle decorations the next week. Staying organized will help you to save your sanity.

Even if you don?t feel like you have any time, it is important to hit the gym at least twice a week during the holidays. Between all of the food we eat and the lack of sun, we can end up feeling like fat mole rats. Partaking in regular physical activities will keep your endorphins up and your waistline down.

Remember, it is only the holidays. They only happen once a year. You are stronger than them and will be able to get through this hectic time without losing your cool. Just don?t go to the mall or get drunk and hook up with that hot secretary at your holiday office party. Or do, and just keep it a secret.


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