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Kanye knows his face

Facial hair, once rare and looked down upon in our pristine culture, is now back with a vengeance. Walk into pretty much any hipster-infused bar in your neighborhood and a high percentage of guys will be sporting facial hair. And that’s all well and good. We, ourselves, have facial hair. And we like it. We know what to do with it. But the big problem that people who sport facial hair is that, when deciding that they’re going to grow facial hair, they just see what they like and try to copy it. Thing is, you can’t really copy someone else’s facial hair style. What works for one person may not work for you, because your faces are completely different shapes. What looks cool on them may look idiotic and stupid on you. The trick, then, is figuring out what kind of facial hair works with your own personal face.

Which is why, today, we’re highlighting this article over at that recommends various facial hair styles for the variety of faces that are out there. For example:

Face type: Round

Facial hair styles: Individuals with round faces should try facial hair styles that have the effect of making faces appear masculine and oval-shaped. However, take care not to choose a style that will overwhelm your features, particularly if you have a round face and small features. Also, avoid strong sideburns.

The style: A highly-stylized circle beard.

Description:Kanye West is a good example of a celebrity with a somewhat round face and delicate facial features. Cleverly, Kanye avoids sideburns and keeps his hair cropped close to his head. He also sports a circle beard, which is characterized by a mustache that continues along the sides of the mouth to meet up with facial hair on the chin. To get Kanye?s smooth style, grow your facial hair out as best you can while continuing to shave your jaw and neck. Once you?re satisfied with the length, visit a barber to get Kanye?s super-sharp lines, and then maintain the look with a clipper and razor at home. The key to this look is to make sure the rest of your face gets a smooth, close shave, thus, invest in a good razor and some high-quality shaving cream.

If you don’t have a round face, then head on over to the above link and check out the other possibilities that are out there.

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