Must-Read: Tone Your Body in 15 Minutes

We do not enjoy working out, it’s no secret. We understand the joy that some guys get out of it, the buzz that comes with a good workout, and the nice achey pain that sets into your muscles and bones at the end of a nice, big workout, proof that you’ve been productive for that day. But, c’mon, it’s just not fun. If it was fun, then everyone would be doing it. The worst part for us is that we just can’t find the time to have a nice hour-long workout. We barely have time to get our work done and then go out on the town, how are we going to have time to spend an hour at the gym.

Get it done nice and quick

Well, say goodbye to those concerns with this 15-minute workout regiment over at Men’s Health. See, increments of 15 minutes we can comprehend. They’re pretty great workouts, too. For instance, the great one-arm snatch:

A.??? Hold a dumbbell in your right hand using an overhand grip. With your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees and place the dumbbell on the floor.
B.??? Perform a high pull: In one explosive movement, straighten your legs and hips while bending your elbow to pull the dumbbell upward.
C.??? At the dumbbell?s highest point, drop your hips and ?catch? the weight by rotating your wrist under the dumbbell. Quickly straighten your arm so the dumbbell is now over the top of your shoulder. Complete all your reps, and then repeat with the dumbbell in your left hand.
REPS: Do 10 with each arm.

This is just one of them, so go ahead and check out the link for other short yet effective workout routines.

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