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Top Five Movies of Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan is still very new to the whole movie starlet scene, but in just a few years, she already has some great credits. Her favorite credit for me however, is not a movie, but a single stand-alone episode of TV. Maybe the scariest episode of TV since ?The X-Files?: ?Home.? It is ?Doctor Who?: ?Blink? starring David Tennant as The Doctor and the beautiful Freema Agyeman as the companion Martha Jones. However, and this is the thing about the episode for non-Doctor fans, it doesn?t really feel like a ?Doctor Who? episode. You don?t have to know the backstory of the Doctor and Martha and most of the episode has to be carried by Carey. If you know ?Doctor Who? you may get a bit more out of it, but if you don?t, it will still work nicely, if you want to get scared to death. Not only are the creatures very creepy, it also has some great unique looks at time travel (which is saying a lot when it comes to ?Doctor Who?) and I won?t say anything more so as not to ruin it. You can find it on Netflix streaming under season 3 of ?Doctor Who?, and it is episode 11.

The lovely Carey Mulligan

Unfortunately, none of Carey?s top five movies are also streaming on Netflix, so you?ll have to find them elsewhere. Netflix Instant does have the not-so-uplifting ?Brothers? with Jake Gyllenhall, Tobey Maguire, Natalie Portman and Carey or the not-so-uplifting sounding ?Bleak House? (though very, very well reviewed TV miniseries). However, if you want something good and much less than 8 hours in length, here are the movies you should try before going to see the NC-17 ?Shame? with Carey that opens on December 2nd.

5. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Having watched bits and pieces of ?Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? on Thanksgiving weekend and wondering how it is that Shia TheBeef keeps starring in movies, it?s tough to list this movie. However, Michael Douglas, Oliver Stone and Carey help to override His Beefiness.

4. Drive

On the other hand, Ryan Gosling is a guy that I like to see starring in a movie. A friend highly recommended ?Lars and the Real Girl? and combined with this, ?Blue Valentine? and ?The Notebook,? Gosling has done some great movies with some very pretty leading ladies.

3. Pride and Prejudice

It shouldn?t be a coincidence that Carey?s top five follows on the heels of Keira Knightley?s top five. Both starred in this movie and Carey?s next movie and both have Michael Fassbender as their current co-star. They seem connected, a perfectly matched set like a Guinness and a meat pie. Wait. I need to work on my analogies.

2. Never Let Me Go

This was Keira?s top movie, but Carey has one last trump up her sleeve. Carey was the main character of this movie, and I liked her quiet performance, but Keira was the one that surprised me with the depth of her character.

1. An Education

A nice simple movie about a girl growing up and trying to decide what the point of college could be and it is the performances that make it. Besides Carey, there?s also Alfred Molina, Olivia Williams, Peter Sarsgaard and fellow ?Pride and Prejudice? star Rosamund Pike in the cast. Particularly delightful is Molina?s portrayal of Carey?s dad.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Carey Mulligan top five?

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