Must-Read: Sports Enthusiast Gift Guide

Christmas is, in so many ways, the most annoying holiday. Yes, you get to spend time with your family (which can either be a great or terrible thing, depending on the family) and you get to have a few days off from the insane grind of the ordinary work day, and Christmas parties are a great way to bang a co-worker or two and make the rest of the following year really awkward. But the worst part of Christmas is the gift-giving that comes with it. Yes, getting gifts is great and fun, but the actual giving of gifts is where it gets tricky.

Ball things!

For instance, say you have to buy your boss something this year. What do you buy? Do you keep it nice and professional? Or get him something a bit risque that you know he enjoys? Luckily, to answer these kinds of questions, the internet is full of gift-suggestion lists. And the one we’re highlighting today, over at Deadspin, is one where you could potentially find your boss’s present. The list specializes in “people who like to play with balls,”meaning the sporting variety rather than, you know, testicles. But the list actually has plenty of interesting things on it. Such as:

Your home might have a nice armoire, but if there’s no electronic hoops game, then it’s just not complete. This is really the easiest way to pretend you’re Rick Barry from the free throw line. Electronic basketball shooting game: $149.99 [Sports Authority]


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