Must-Read: Age-Erasing Foods


The holidays are generally a time for fattening up, almost like a bear before hibernation. It’s cold out there, and there’s really nothing fun about running around outside. Any and all intramural sports that you were enrolled in are no doubt done for the season. Holiday parties are full of drinking and being merry. And large dinners with family and friends are just tacking onto the poundage. This 2-month span from the tail end of November through the beginning of January are truly the part of the year where you end up putting on the most pounds and going through an advanced aging process.

That said, there are ways to avoid this. Over at Men’s Health today they have a listing of “age-erasing superfoods”which will help you get rid of those terribly annoying wrinkles, strengthen your heart, boost your immunity like cah-razy, and just do all sorts of wonderful things to your body. For example, the glorious almond:

These energy-rich snacks lower bad cholesterol, thanks to plant sterols, and benefit diabetics by lowering blood sugar. They?re also rich in amino acids, which bolster testosterone levels and muscle growth. Almonds are also stuffed with vitamin E, which helps defend against sun damage. In a study, volunteers who consumed 14 milligrams of the vitamin (about 20 almonds) per day and then were exposed to UV light burned less than those who took none. And because vitamin E is an antioxidant, it also works to keep your arteries free of dangerous free radicals. Low levels of vitamin E are also associated with poor memory performance and cognitive decline, says dietitian Sari Greaves of New York Presbyterian Hospital?Cornell.

So, instead of going for the second and third helping of turkey or stuffing or whatever else your dinners entail, try heading to the story and snacking on these superfoods instead. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

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