Make a Comeback in the New Year

2011 might not have been your year. You could have screwed up a fantastic relationship with a beautiful girl, blown a project at work, stopped going to the gym, or lost a great friendship.

Be a better you

Lord knows, Tiger Woods had an excruciating year. He had his sexual addiction broadcast to the world and suffered a winning drought that lasted through 26 golf tournaments. But if Woods can turn his luck around (he just won the 2011 Chevron World Challenge), then you certainly can too. Make 2012 the year of your personal comeback.

The first thing that you need to realize is that you?re in a crappy situation. Sure, it sucks, but it?s just a phase ? it?s not your entire life. There?s an ebb and a flow to everything, including the good and the bad times. You?re an intelligent and capable dude who can figure out a way to cope with it. In order to deal with the ebb, you need to form a game plan. Evaluate what you?re not happy with in your life at the present moment. What?s holding you down? Is it an over demanding girlfriend? Fair weather friends? Once you determine the negative factors in your life, let those them go. Remember, you?re not Atlas. You don?t have to hold up the world?s problems and people.

Once you filter out the filth, concentrate on bettering yourself. The only way to improve anything (including your life) is to work on it a little bit at a time. Woods didn?t stop practicing golf when things went south for him. Fill your time with things that will boost your self esteem and make you a better version of yourself. Hit the gym, enroll in a class, coach a little league team or take on a new project at work. Once you dive head first into your life again, you will see that there?s so much to get excited about.

Did you ever hear that term ?Fake it ?til you make it?? Well, it?s true. Project an aura of self confidence even if you feel like the biggest loser inside. If you allow yourself to fall apart every time things get tough, it?ll become a habit. Remember to eat right, get a good night?s sleep, and present yourself as the rock star you are to the world each and every day.

Remember that life is a process, not an event. We are constantly growing, evolving, learning and changing. This rough patch probably upset you, but it doesn?t have to be the end of you. Welcome in the new year with a brand new you and don?t let the bastards drag you down.

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About Stephanie Weaver Stephanie is a full time freelance writer from Philly. In her spare time, she enjoys playing roller derby and spending time with her English bulldog, Brit.

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