“Fast Five” the Most Pirated Movie of 2011

Internet thieves apparently have a thing for fast cars, transgender prostitutes and dudes with big hammers. ?Fast Five,? ?The Hangover Part II? and ?Thor? topped the list for the most pirated movies of the year according to a recent article by TorrentFreak.

Pirates ahoy

Using data gathered from numerous sources,?TorrentFreak compiled a list of the top ten movies with the most illegal downloads in 2011. Topping the list is the Vin Diesel err?vehicle ?Fast Five,? currently the 55thhighest-grossing film of all time.??Fast Five? was downloaded more than 9 million times over the course of the year. Other victims of copyright infringement include the CGI feature ?Rango? and sci-fi thriller ?Source Code.?

Despite earning the honor of ?most stolen movie of the year,? the total number of illegal downloads for ?Fast Five? is much less than that of 2010?s most pirated movie, ?Avatar.? Illegal movie downloads are actually down on average from 2010. TorrentFreak writes that this might possibly have to do with increased legal alternatives and new piracy sources.

While Vin Diesel and the makers of ?Fast Five? are most likely ?furious? over this news, it?s further indication that the series has a future. In fact, two new ?Fast and the Furious? movies are currently in production: ?Furious Six? and ?Fast Future.? Perhaps by the time these two movies are released, Hollywood will have more control over downloads, but it?s doubtful.? At least Diesel can rest easy knowing pirates aren?t going crazy downloading ?The Pacifier.?

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