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Top Five Movies of Sandra Bullock

Why must all actresses decide to make Lifetime style movies? I look at “The Blind Side” starring the lovely Sandra Bullock and even though it is about football, and I like football, I can’t see past all of the helping someone realize their potential and culminating in some speech somewhere. Now, I don’t begrudge the story, the people involved or the book by Michael Lewis, but it’s not my cup of tea.

If I want to see stories of people overcoming adversity, I’ll pour several quarts of canola oil down a flight of stairs and just watch people try to climb them. Think about how much more entertaining “Seabiscuit” would have been if instead of racing in an oval, the horses tried racing up three flights of oil coated stairs. However, whipping horses to climb stairs is probably not on the ASPCA list of correct ways to treat animals, and rightfully so. (We won’t talk about the racetrack.)

Oh hai Sandra

So, I see previews for Sandra’s next movie, “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” and though I like the writing of Jonathan Safran Foer, I just don’t have any compulsion to see it unless someone tells me the 9-year-old at the center climbs up and down some particularly slick stairs again and again. On the other hand, there are these five movies that Sandra made that could be worth watching instead.

5. Miss Congeniality

I think this spot could be taken up by any number of formulaic movies on courtrooms or romance that are just made better by Sandra’s charisma. I just chose “Miss Congeniality” because it is the one that I remember the best between it, “Two if by Sea,” “Forces of Nature,” “Practical Magic” and “A Time to Kill.” Don’t judge me because I’ve seen this many middling Sandra Bullock movies (and be glad for your reading eyes that I didn’t list the not as good ones like “The Net.”)

4. Crash

Yes, I know I’m not supposed to like this movie. It beats you over the head about the awfulness of racism with not just a stick, but an entire redwood sized club. However, the scene where Matt Dillon pulls a person out of a burning car and watching Sandra play a unapologetically racist person still stick in my mind with positive connotations. It’s more than I can say about any moment of “Gladiator” or “Shakespeare in Love” or “Million Dollar Baby.” Then again, I’m not setting the bar real high.

3. Demolition Man

The first movie where I saw Sandra and then a lot of stuff blew up. The end.

2. While You Were Sleeping

Yes, if you’ve read any of these essays on beautiful actresses and their movie careers, you’ll know I’m a sucker for the romantic comedy. (Just a couple of nights ago, I spent the evening watching Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn in “The Philadelphia Story” and “Holiday” two great entries in the genre. It was a great night.) I know this one pales in comparison to those classics, but Sandra’s charm makes it fun to watch. Plus, the stalkeresque motives behind it give it some cool, creepy moments.

1. Speed

As far as action movies go, this one hits all the right notes. Creepy bad guy played by a darn good actor? Check. Stoic lead male actor? Check. Hot damsel in distress? Check. Set it all in a bus and now every commute you’ll ever take on public transportation will have a jumping off for your own “Speed” fan fiction. Happy creating tomorrow morning.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Sandra Bullock top five?

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