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Have a (Non-Douchebaggy) Toast for Yourself This New Year’s

While you?re busy fantasizing about the release of the iPhone 5 and making a resolution to cut back your ?Modern Warfare 3? playtime to a more reasonable 80 hours a week, don?t forget all that was 2011, the year of Katy Perry and the Occupy Wall Street movement. While both are great (in my opinion), you didn?t have to score multiple number one hits or confront corporate scumbags to have made your mark in the Year of the Rabbit. If you managed to achieve even one thing you?ve been aching to, consider yourself a success. Most likely you didn?t have to sing with Elmo or get pepper sprayed to get where you are.


Last week I wrote about following through with New Year?s resolutions. Whether you?re itching to learn French or cut back on french fries, the ball?s in your court.

While it?s great to look ahead, don?t get so caught up in the future you forget about who you are and what you?ve accomplished. For example, don?t be so focused on becoming a Fortune 500 CEO you forget you actually managed to open a successful bootleg DVD business during the year. Don?t be so consumed by perfection you disregard all you?ve done so far. What you managed to accomplish during the year will only serve as a foundation for your future goals. Say you?ve made a resolution to lose 20 pounds. Rather than get stressed about it, why not consider the fact that you were able to recognize the need for this change, cut out the Last Call Jalapeno Popper Doritos binging and start going to the gym?

By recognizing your successes, you?ll only instill yourself with more confidence to achieve future goals. Afraid to approach a woman you?ve been dying to ask out? Rather than fret about how boot cut your boot cut jeans are, remember the times you actually asked someone out and it worked (however few times that may be.) Or think about the successful relationships you?ve had (however few they may be.) At some point, somebody was stupid enough to fall for you. Think about your past successes the next time you?ve got a hurdle to jump, whether it?s asking someone out or actually learning how to jump hurdles (that just looks so hard.)

What did you accomplish in 2011? Did you start a new career or complete your collection of Star Wars-themed Pez dispensers? Did you get in the best shape of your life or win a world hot dog eating championship? Think about your own successes and run with them. Congratulate yourself on a year well-lived. You don?t have to be a conceited jerk about it, but it wouldn?t be so bad to toast to yourself just once on New Year?s. A positive self-image is key to success in 2012. Work harder next year and you can even toast a whole bottle to yourself. Just think. You, Justin Bieber and the (hopefully) less than 99 percent can ring in 2013 in style.

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About John Brhel John Brhel is a freelance writer from upstate New York that enjoys picking apart life's idiosyncrasies and listening to Huey Lewis & the News.

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