Must-Read: How To Still Party And Not Get Fat

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The holiday season is a notorious one for your waist band. For the most part, we’ve gotten to the point where we right off much of late December and early January as a moment of the year when we’re going to pack on a few extra pounds. (And then late January/early February is devoted to getting those pounds off.) It’s just due to the massive amount of obligatory parties, and the great foods at these parties, that there’s really no way around it. You’re going to get some extra meat on your bones. You’re going to have to deal with it.

Or are you? According to this great little article over at Men’s Fitness, you can do a few proactive things while you’re in the middle of a party that will keep your post-holidays diet and exercise session to a minimum. For example, there’s this helpful chart of what you should drink, and what you should stay away from when participating in the holiday party season:


  • 12 oz. Light Beer ? 110 Calories
  • 6 oz. Rum and Diet Coke ? 65 Calories
  • 4 oz. Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay ? 90 Calories
  • 4 oz Dry Champagne ? 105 Calories
  • 6 oz. Vodka and Soda Water ? 65 Calories
  • 7.5 oz. Gin & Diet Tonic ? 115 Calories
  • Jack Daniels (Single Shot) ? 55 Calories

Don’t Drink:

  • 6 oz. Mud Slide ? 560 Calories
  • 9 oz. Mai Tai ? 620 Calories
  • 10 oz Margarita ? 550 Calories
  • 10 oz. Long Island Ice Tea ? 543 Calories
  • 12 oz. Pi?a Colada ? 586 Calories

Pretty important stuff, and a way to keep yourself out of trouble for the most part. For more tips, head over to the above link, and feel free to party away the rest of 2011 (and not end up getting enormous because of it).

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