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Make A Splash At Your Next Party

What do you do when your a writer submitting your first article to a website and the readers don?t have any idea who the hell you are? Easy. It?s the same thing you do when you go to a party and you don?t have the slight idea who anyone is: Embrace the moment and try and make a splash…

Be a party smash

We?ve all been to a party where we?ve open the front door only to have 30 people looking at us like our penis is hanging out the zipper of our jeans. It?s a terrible habit, but everyone has a tendency to stare at people they don?t know. Rather than making the situation awkward, use it as an opportunity to flip the switch and show everyone just how personable you are.

What should you bring?

Never go to a party empty handed. A 12-pack of beer or a bottle of your favorite liquor is needed at the very least. Stroll in with a bottle of Patron and Coronas, and you?re going to have a much easier time making friends. Pull a lime out your pocket and they?ll immediately know you?re not fucking around.

Not sure who to introduce yourself to?

Say hello to everyone you possibly can. At the very least find the host of the party, give them a firm handshake and find one thing to compliment about their house. If it?s the worst party in the world and there?s absolutely nothing you can tell the person without lying to their face, roll with it because they probably know the party is bad themselves. Hand the dude a beer and say, ?If I would?ve known there was going to be this much sausage here I would?ve brought some peppers and Italian bread. I?m just kidding, thank you for inviting me over your house. It?s better than sitting home.?

What do you do when you’re there?

If the party is good, perfect. Put your beer in the fridge, walk over to the beer pong table and call next game. No beer pong, no worries. Grab four solo cups and the four hottest girls you can find and start a flip cup game. Chicks love flip cup, and we love chicks.

Not really into drinking games, no big deal. Crack yourself open and beer, and spark up a conversation. The first person I usually speak to is the guy talking to the hottest girl at the party because in five minutes when he goes to take a piss, she?s going to be lonely. When all else fails, you can always find a few people that will take a shot with you. The last thing you want to do is sit on the couch with your 30 rack between your legs staring at the TV.

First impressions are important, so make the most out of them. How?d I do with mine?

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