Must-Read: Ignore These Fitness Myths

I have a few rules that I tend to stick to in my life. One of them is that whenever a new food craze or diet fad begins to start up, when you hear everyone talking about it and see that the local bookstore has about 12 books just sitting there on the front shelf, and people are reading those same books on the subway or bus, then the rule of thumb right away is that that is complete bullshit.


Fads are fads and nothing more. Which is why it’s so fun to read this article over at Men’s Fitness about the five biggest fitness myths that, really, we all need to start ignoring once again. From wearing idiotic weight belts to only working out in the morning, these run the gamut of urban legends that have, somehow, become known as Pure Hard Fact to most of the general public. For example, my favorite stupid thing that people believed for so long that, actually, they still kind of believe it:

Carbs are the enemy

“Forget, Atkins, carbs are all about timing,” says Cardiello. Carbohydrates are the body’s first source of energy, especially for a hardworking and active body. Completely neglecting carbs will leave you tired, sluggish and hinder your performance. Cardiello recommends being conscious of your carb consumption rather than ignoring them altogether. “The best time to ingest carbs is at breakfast and after a workout,” he says. Whole wheat toast, two eggs and salsa is his zesty go-to breakfast. After the gym, strawberries and fruit make a great addition to a post-workout shake.

Head over to the above link for some more of these terrible myths you all need to stop believing!


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