More Nervous: Watching Scary Movies or Approaching Women?

?If I?m at a bar this weekend and someone asks me to talk to a group of cute girls, we?ll be mingling quicker than sober sex with no condom, but if you ask me to watch that movie The Devil Inside, you?re going to witness a grown man tense up like a teenage girl.?


Way more nervewracking

Many men have this enigma in their minds that initiating conversations with women is very complicated, therefore they fear the worst when trying to talk to girls and are either very timid when they approach or they avoid doing it entirely. This assumption is complete bullshit and couldn?t be farther from the truth. Scary movies on the other hand – that?s some real shit.


When I was younger I fell into the same trap as everyone else when it came to approaching women. The first few times I snuck into bars, I stood on the wall hoping that my pop collar would draw the attention of some chick and she?d come over and talk to me. Needless to say I went through gallons of skin lotion.

But then I grew up over the years, I stopped ?putting the pussy on the pedestal? as many people like to refer to it, and I realized that the approach is by far the easiest aspect of dating women. And I want to give you the best piece of advice on the subject that I can: LISTEN AND WATCH (exactly what I don?t want to do during scary movies).


When you get close to the girl that you want to talk to in the bar, nightclub, or wherever you are, keep one eye and ear in your conversation and the other in hers. Use that ?peripheral vision.? Sooner or later there?s going to be an intriguing moment where you can jump in and give your opinion and it will seem like it happened naturally. With this approach you won?t have to worry so much about what to say, and you?ll start conversations with little effort.


This girl I wanted to talk to was a few feet next to me when I noticed she bent down and start looking for something on the floor. I turned around to help her.

?What did you drop? I?ll help you look for it,? I asked casually.

?My earring. Got it!? she said as she stood up.

?Good, I?m glad. I actually lost my swag the other day and it was such pain in the ass trying to find it.?

She laughs and I ask, ?Those are nice. Did you get them for Christmas??

And I?m in.

It works just as well during the day. I was riding the escalator to the top floor of Wal-Mart when a mom accidentally bumped into her sexy ass daughter in front of me. The daughter quickly shouted at her mom, ?You could?ve just knocked me down the escalator!?

I jumped in, ?No, I would?ve caught you easily. But then again if I let you fall we could?ve got some free coupons.?

W started chatting and when the mom walked away I asked her if she?d like to see a movie and thank God she was into romantic comedies. If I have to watch scary movies, I do it on DVD with the volume really low.


Even though in these examples I thought of a quick witty joke, you don?t need to. Forget about these suave pick up lines that you think will sweep her off her feet and just make a comment that will start a conversation. Then use the conversation to show her your charm and sense of humor. Unless you?re really comfortable with approaching women, you will come off as corny and clich? when trying to lead with a joke. So tone it down a bit, and keep it simple.


In all honesty, you have nothing to be afraid of when approach girls. And if you want some practice, try it with a few girls that you aren?t attractive to. This way you won?t care if you fuck up. I?m actually going to take my own advice here and start watching some movies that aren?t that scary. Hopefully, I?ll work my way up to I-Max horror blockbusters, but I doubt it.

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