Death: The Great Motivator

While the new year is supposed to be all about rebirth and starting over, it seems I can?t click a link, turn on the tube, talk to a friend, or order a bagel lately without the subject of death rearing its ugly head.

Be motivated

It?s nothing new, I suppose, but I?ve been barraged enough to the point lately where I?ve actually been contemplating my mortality more than, say how amazing Friday night wing night is going to be.Wondering whether or not I?ll ever realize my goal of beating ?Ducktales? on the NES in less than seven minutes. If I?ve really made the right decision in being a writer as opposed to a personal injury lawyer. These are the thoughts plaguing my mind.

Not to be morbid, but the realization that death is inevitable can be an incredible confidence booster. I?m not saying go climb Mount Everest the afternoon of Aunt Ruth?s funeral. Wait at least a day or two. What I am saying is you?re going to be worm food, so why wait? When you think about it, with death looming over you like an unpaid student loan, why hold back pursuing your goals? You don?t have to be an insane adrenaline junkie, living every moment to the extreme, stapling your balls like Steve-O, but one staple wouldn?t be so bad, would it?

Think about your personal goals. Do you want to run the New York City marathon? Dream of opening your own business? Maybe you want to ask someone out you?ve been in love with for years. Or maybe you just want to figure out how that damn cup-and-ball toy works. Whatever your goals, big or incredibly ridiculous, the only thing holding you back from accomplishing them is you (well, other than physics.)

Unless you believe you?ll come back as another person or as a dung beetle or something, we?ve all got one shot. Do what you can before your heart kills you or an asteroid comes and destroys us all. Is it really worth it questioning whether or not you?ll actually succeed? Afraid of ridicule and/or being turned down? That girl who gives you the cold shoulder or that boss that treats you like crap will eventually be dead too, so go for the gold.You miss every shot you don?t take, so do what you can before a wolverine mauls you to death. Besides, you probably won?t be able to accomplish much as a dung beetle. Just saying.

It?s said that death is the great equalizer, but why wait to be on par with those that are seemingly more ?successful?? Level the playing field in real life and be all you can be before it?s all over. Don?t wait until you come back to life as a flesh-eating zombie to pursue your goals. You?ll have no chance to open your own business or marry your dream girl when all you?re after is brains.

Face it. You?re going to die (unless that whole singularity thing happens.) Be confident and achieve your goals while you still can. Don?t lie around. You?ll have plenty of time to do that when you?re six feet underground.

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