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Must-Read: The Best Colognes of 2012


Freshen up!

We’re going to take another mostly-day-off here — besides this single post, it’s going to be dark — because of the great national holiday of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. (It seems like nearly every week for the past month has been a three-day weekend.) But we couldn’t take the full day off here for you few folks out there who are either stuck at the office or at home, just browsing the Internet, nothing much going. And if you’re in the latter camp, well, you probably haven’t showered yet, meaning you stink to high heaven, which brings us to how you should go about smelling better.

(Yes, this is what we call a “forced seque” in the writing world.)

So today, we’re going to help you smell a bit better by highlighting this great article over at that goes through the colognes that you need to put on your list of things to try out this upcoming year. Now, we’re never been much of a “cologne”-type around here (it generally just reminds us of our dad, which isn’t the best self-impression to have when going out and trying to pick up ladies) but this year we’re making a concerted effort to change that and actually dabble a bit in the world of dabble-do-ya.

And right at the top of our list:

Jack Black ‘JB’

Finally, Jack Black gets into the cologne game with a real contender, and at $70 ‘JB’ is not messing around. This men’s cologne gives you a fresh London barbershop aroma without the cheap afterglow. JB is the right scent if you work in a traditional office with double-vented suits, wingtips and catered lunches of Dover sole but has the right amount of individuality that you won’t blend in all together.

Head over to the above link for even more possible colognes that you should be trying out this year. And then get out of the house already! It’s a vacation day! Go use it!

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