Are You Being Overworked at Your Job?

If you?re one of the lucky ones, you actually have a job that you really love and are passionate about. Enjoying your career has been proven to add fulfillment to your life and decrease depression. It may have even tuned you into a workaholic.

Too crazed at the job?

Even though the term ?workaholic? has a general negative connotation, recent studies have shown that workaholism can be a good thing. A study done by the Rouen Business School in France concluded that workaholism ? defined by work involvement, emotions of being required to work and work enjoyment – can be constructive.

But what if you?re working 50 to 60 hour weeks not because you want to, but because your boss is breathing down your neck? This is being overworked.

If you have no sense of accomplishment when you meet a deadline or are motivated to go to work simply because you?re afraid you?re going to get fired, you probably are being overworked.

Having a job or boss that adds continuous stress to your life can cause anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, and physical symptoms including stomach cramps. Due to the fact that you spend 40 or more hours a week at your job, it?s vital that you feel comfortable while you?re there.

There are several things that you can do in order to decrease your perpetual stress and evenings spent until 8pm in the office. The first thing you should do is speak directly with your boss about the problem. Don?t talk to them in a confrontational way. Request to have a private meeting with them and speak candidly about your problems. Tell them that you feel like you?re being asked to worked too many hours each week and that it?s affecting your life. Be sure to ask them how you can still get your daily work obligations met while working less. This shows initiative on your part.

If the meeting with your boss doesn?t work, you can try speaking with HR. Bring a list with you of how many hours you worked each week over the last couple of months and discuss your health issues. The HR can work with your boss to help decrease your workload if necessary.

If you don?t feel like either of the above options will work, you can always quit. Remember, it?s only a job. It?s not worth it if it?s taking a toll on your life and health.

If you feel like you?re being overworked, speak up and say something. Don?t wait 30 years from now when your 60 and you realize you?ve lost your entire youth to a job you loathed.

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