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Must-Read: How to Save A Terrible Date


We’ve all been there. You’re out on a first or second date with a girl, you get to the bar or wherever it is you decide to go, and you’re sitting across from her when, all of a sudden, something feels “off.” It could be you just said something wrong, or she was acting awkward about something, or you just saw your ex walk by. It could really be anything at all. The thing is, though, now your connection is no longer there. Whatever she was interested in you about has vanished into thin air. So you start panicking, and begin thinking that the only way you’re going to get her back in your good graces is if you try something drastic. So you go in for the kiss.

Swim don't sink

Wrong move. REALLY wrong move.

As this really great article over at shows, sometimes you need to take things a bit drastic to salvage a date. But going for the kiss is never the right move:

There’s only one way to salvage a date, and that’s not to throw the Hail Mary. What is the wrong date Hail Mary? It’s going for that kiss, jamming your tongue down her throat and basically thinking that’s going to slide. You’re that guy who thinks a kiss is going to make all the difference in the world.

Here’s the deal: A kiss doesn’t make any difference in the world. That is not the date Hail Mary. The only date Hail Mary you ever need to do if the date is not going right is to look her in the eyes and say, “Hey, I had fun. We need to do this again. Let’s go out Monday night.”

That’s really just the beginning of how to salvage a bad date, though. Head over to the above link to check out the whole thing. It’s really worth, and will help you get out of those terrible pit-in-your-stomach jams that everyone in the dating scene go through at one time or another.

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