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The Health Benefits of Love

So with Valentine?s Day right around the corner, your girlfriend might be up your ass. She may be bugging you to make dinner reservations at some hoity-toity restaurant, reminding you about her favorite type of flowers, and casually mentioning that they?re having an annual diamond sale at Zale?s. Even if you feel like strangling her during this time of Cupids, hearts and Hallmark cards, being in love can actually be good for your health. So take a step back and be thankful that you have a hot woman in your life that you really connect with.

Awww, you guys!

There are several studies that have been conducted that indicate that couples who are truly in love with one another lead healthier, happier lives. Love can keep your physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

If you?re all goo-goo eyed for a girl, then you may be reducing the amount of stress found in your life. When you?re in an intimate relationship, love can trigger the adrenaline glands that produce the dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) hormone which acts as a stress buster and creates a sense of well-being. Even if you?re working 11 hour days and are behind on your rent bill, you?ll feel like you?re walking on air.

Being in love can also reduce physical pain. Aside from having a horse kick you in the nuts or falling 1,000 feet from an airplane, being in love can cause you to handle pain better. A study of 127,000 adults found that people who were in a loving and committed relationship had less headaches and back pain. The reduced stress levels in their life allowed them to handle pain better and relieved them from stress-related pains such as chronic headaches and stiff muscles.

If you want to live to see the invention of Hoverboards, then you should fall in love. A lack of love in your life can increase the risk of an early death up to five times. A major study concluded that people who were in love lived longer as oppose to ones who were living alone and isolating themselves. People who?re all gaga for each other also see the doctor less and have shorter average hospital stays. This is because people in relationships may be taking better care of themselves. A committed relationship is proven to decrease drug use, poor eating habits and binge drinking. Good to know in case you don?t have health insurance, right?

Love is so punk rock. It can help you deal with your stressful boss, handle pain like Superman, and live longer. This V-Day, show your girl just how much you appreciate her and get her that bouquet of red roses and that little stuffed bear. It may be adding years to your life.


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