Must-Read: How to Hook-Up Online

As anyone who’s ever dabbled in the world of profile pics, pokes, messages, meet-ups, interests, turn-ons and turn-offs knows, there’s so much about online dating that can be annoying as all hell. You spend hours and hours creating just the right profile and composing the perfect message only to be rejected when the date actually happens or, even worse, she turns out to be about 50 pounds heavier than her profile picture let on. Online dating is a rough-and-tumble world and a constant headache to navigate in.

Get going!

Which is why our suggestion is not to use online dating sites only to date. But also to hook up on.

More and more people are using the normal dating sites (, eHarmony, OKCupid, and so on, and so forth) not to meet the person of their dreams, but to have some fun before they do. So they go onto these sites and look for people are just going to be around for the night. And that’s where this article from Maxim comes in. In it, they go through what kinds of steps you need to take in your profile and messaging in order to get to the point where you’re using the sites for places to hook up with ladies.

For example, how you should make your profile:

When it comes to crafting your profile, put equal effort into the written and visual portions. Rose thinks it?s important to show yourself in social situations, not just head shots: ?It?s nice to see other guys in pictures to show you actually have friends and can have a good time.? Katie, 28, adds that she?d never respond to a guy who thinks photos of his six-pack make up for not having anything interesting to write on his profile. ?Too many guys send me blatant sexual remarks,? she says. ?I want to meet the ones who are clever enough to get me into bed.?

When it comes to interests, it?s a waste of time to write about your favorite bands. Instead, Rose thinks it?s alluring when guys include a challenge. ?It can be a conversation starter,? she says. ?If you say no one can beat you in tennis, it gives me something to automatically reply to.?

Head over to the link to check out some more tips. And then log onto all the sites you can and start hooking up now!

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