Must-See: The Sexiest Super Bowl Commercials

So the Super Bowl has come and gone, and the biggest thing to come out of the game wasn’t actually the winner or any kind of flubs or weird events that took place during it, but instead the knowledge that we are once again at the end of football season. And sure, there’s the NBA right there to keep things entertaining for a bit, but there’s still another month before pitchers and catchers report for duty to take us into the baseball season and usher in spring for us once again.

Oh, yeah. There were also commercials. And, because hot women apparently sell things, a lot of them included hot women.

Luckily for us, instead of going through them all and re-watching it, this article over at the Washington Post simply tracks the sexiest for us and posts the videos. Now we certainly don’t mind the sexy Doritos commercial (except the whole fact that there’s Doritos all over the place, and Doritos are not the most erotic food lying around). And while it’s getting a bit old at this point, I’m not going to NOT watch another sexy Danica Patrick commercial for But if we have to choose a single commercial from the 2012 Super Bowl that we can vote for as “the sexiest,” it’s the following one:

Why is that our favorite? Because it has goddamn Adriana Lima in it. And if she’s included in a contest for anything that features the words “most sexy” then whatever she’s in is the winner. That’s just the way it is. Sorry, everyone else!

What about you folks? What was your favorite sexy (or non-sexy, if you want to get into that) commercial from yesterday’s big game?

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