The Gosling Body: More GQ, Less GNC

When?s the last time you heard a woman fawn over a professional bodybuilder and/or cage fighter? Sure, these guys are in spectacular shape, but to many women they just look unnatural and weird. For some, an intensely bulky body is a sign that a guy spends way too much time working out and probably won?t have enough time to do romantic things, like watch ?Notting Hill? and/or visit vineyards. Truth be told, the majority of women (at least the ones I speak to) aren?t into the ?Iron Man? look. ?People? is more like it.

Take note

Speaking of which, my girlfriend is, to put it lightly, a more-than-regular reader of celebrity gossip rags.She doesn?t usually talk about how attractive most of these overpaid actors are (she probably saves that for girl?s night), but there?s one guy she doesn?t mind reminding me about: Ryan Gosling.I actually wrote about the actor in a previous article for TSB and his popularity amongst women has not since waned. While he may be mereeye candy for women, he?s a great fitness success story and role model for men looking to get in shape.

Gosling is cut, but not hulking. He?s got definition without looking like he?s on the juice. His body is the result of persistent, full-on workouts and a lean diet. His trainer, Kiu Puk of the Muay Thai Academy of America in North Hollywood, was recently interviewed by Life & Style magazine. According to Puk, Gosling currently works out four times a week for two hours at a time in preparation for the upcoming boxing movie ?Only God Forgives.? Puk told ?Life & Style? that “Ryan’s disciplined and enthusiastic, and above all, he loves his training.??

Gosling is a great example of someone who attains the body he wants with discipline and persistence. He trains hard and lives on a strict diet, but does so without going crazy overboard. If your girlfriend/wife ever dragged you to one of his earlier films (e.g. ?Remember the Titans?), you?d know that he used to be a twig.

?Only God Forgives? isn?t the first time Gosling?s whipped himself into shape for a role. According to Greg O?Gallagher of Kinobody Fitness Systems, ?Ryan Gosling successfully added muscle while still having the crisp GQ look? during training for ?Crazy. Stupid. Love?. You can read about Gosling?s specific routine on the Kinobody Fitness Systems website.

My goal with this article is not to get you to start following celebrity workout regimens, but to consider the idea that you too can get in killer shape without looking like a roided-up Hulk wannabe. By sticking to a low carb, high protein diet and taking part in high intensity workouts a few times a week, you can build up lean muscle and get that ?cut? look. Choose a plan that works for you and stay dedicated. You may not have the money, fame and time of Gosling and other cut celebs, but you can have the same sculpted look. Because really, it?s hard to hug or dance with a woman when she can?t even wrap her arms around your ginormous body.

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