Top Five Movies of Elizabeth Banks

If there?s one night of TV that I want to watch every week (and ?Mad Men? and ?Breaking Bad? are in between seasons) its Thursday night, and that?s mostly because of the NBC comedies (though the FX and Adult Swim ones fill the night up nicely.) One of those shows is ?30 Rock? and one of my favorite recurring characters is Elizabeth Banks? Avery Jessup. Unfortunately right now, Avery has been taken prisoner in North Korea and that means Elizabeth might not show up for a while.

The gorgeous Elizabeth Banks

Fortunately, we have movies where we can see Elizabeth. Right now, she stars in ?Man on a Ledge? in theaters and coming soon, she will star in ?The Hunger Games.? If that?s not enough of Elizabeth to suit your tastes, let me suggest these five movies where you can enjoy seeing more of her.

5. Wet Hot American Summer

This parody of summer camp movies has tons of people from ?The State,? several great comedic actors like Paul Rudd, David Hyde Pierce and Janeane Garofalo and other stars from NBC?s Thursday night lineup, Amy Poehler as well as Judah Friedlander. With all of that talent, it?s not too big of a surprise that it?s a pretty enjoyable watch.

4. Slither

I don?t think you can get a better true ?B? movie than this one. Not only does it have Elizabeth, it also has another Thursday night staple, Jenna Fischer in addition to geek superhero Nathan Fillion (because of his role in ?Firefly.?) A meteor lands and they all unite to battle slugs that try to take over everyone?s bodies and that?s all you need to know.

3. W.

This movie almost got it just about right, but being off that little bit made it only an average film. But, wow, Elizabeth does a remarkable job as Laura Bush. The fact that Josh Brolin did a very nice George W. Bush as well made this better than your average biopic.

2. Role Models

You?d almost think this was a Paul Rudd list as he appears in this movie, #5 and #1 as well. He?s the main focus of this movie though and he?s what makes it very fun to watch. His bemused expression as he accompanies McLovin to his live action D&D/renaissance game is worth the price of the rental.

1. The 40-Year-Old Virgin

This may be my favorite comedy of the past ten years. Rudd, Steve Carell and Seth Rogen form a great set of co-workers and Elizabeth, Leslie Mann and Catherine Keener make a great set of leading ladies to pursue. As far as Judd Apatow movies go, this one found that perfect balance between silly and sentimental.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Elizabeth Banks top five?

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