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Must-Read: The Sexiest Things Around


Sexy can mean a lot of things. That girl in the office with the heels and skirt that seems just a bit too short can be sexy. And that girl at the coffee shop with the glasses and plaid sweater. And that girl from high school who just happened to be in your general vicinity when your hormones first started shooting through your body and you saw girls as the beautiful creatures they truly are. But, as you can see, there’s a bit of a recurring theme in this definition. It’s kind of specific, very narrow, and a bit full of … girls.

This is sexy

Thing is, sexy can mean a whole lot of other things as points out in their list of the sexiest things in America. Sure, they can mean normally every-day sexy things (or, in this case, people) like this:

Sexiest Athlete: Lindsey Vonn
A gold-medal-winning skier, this Minnesota-born speed demon is recently single. What we wouldn’t give to be trapped on a ski lift with her for a few hours.

And, of course we completely agree as Ms. Vonn is extraordinarily hot. But the definition can also be extended to something like this:

Sexiest Place of Worship: Winners Church, Queens, NY
Pastor Maurice Johnson preaches on keeping marriage alive by boning a lot…and then asks his congregants to make out. Oh, Lord.

Or this:

Sexiest Car: 2012 Ford Mustang GT Convertible
The Mustang = American muscle, and this 412 hp beast is the smoothest of all time. Do the math.

So, as you can see, “sexy” has a whole lot of different ways it can be interpreted. So, then, the question remains: Are there things you consider sexy that not a lot of people do? That may seem strange on their own? If so, head into the comments and write all about it.

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