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Money is great. We all want money. While the Beatles may say that it can’t buy them love, it’s not like they ever turned any money down. Even if it doesn’t buy love, it still affords a much less-stressful and eventful lifestyle… and that’s KIND OF like love, isn’t it? But while the recession in the country lingers on, jobs are still not the easiest things to come upon, meaning that getting extra money in your pocket by actually earning more money is unlikely.

Your rewards await

But there’s another way to get rich.

Instead of actually making more money, another method of getting more bills in your pocket is by cutting down unnecessary expenditures. You make money by saving money. And it’s not by drastically cutting your spending, but instead by making small adjustments here and there (for instance, dumping cable and watching everything online, which saves a lot of money) you can be “making” an extra $300-400 or so a month, which is just as good as getting that raise.

So, today we’re highlighting this article over at Men’s Health about 7 of these tips to get more money into your life. For instance:

Slash your bills: 15 minutes
Eighty percent of cellphone users overpay for service, says Schwark Satyavolu, cofounder of BillShrink. Not by pennies, either, but by an average of $200 a year. If you’re not wedded to the latest phone?can you live without an iPhone 4S??a no-contract plan will probably save you big. You can get unlimited phone, texting, and Web for roughly $40 a month. If you can’t abandon your gadget, you can at least save on texting by using free apps like TextPlus, IMO, and TextNow. And don’t rule out prepaid?if you’re either a very light or very heavy (unlimited) user, this may be the best option for you, says Allan Keiter, president of Next, call your cable provider. Let the company know that you’ve seen its competitor’s ads and you’re thinking about switching if you don’t get a better offer. More often than not, the rep will pony up a “special promotion” to save you some bucks.

Head over to the above link for the rest. Happy savings!

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