Must-Read: Getting the Bartender’s Attention

We’ve all been there: standing with our elbows on the bar, waiting an insane amount of time, just watching the bartender serve every person around us, seemingly going out of their way to make sure everyone has their throat quenched and maybe even asking them for seconds or thirds before finally straggling over to us, forty minutes later, to find out what we want. This is the horror that goes along with the bar scene in a packed joint.

Good luck

But there are ways to get around this time-suck and get to your drink quicker. An article over at goes through the Dos and Don’ts for how to get a bartender’s attention when all you want is that drink. For instance:

Don?t yell or bark

If the bartender has made eye contact with you, it doesn?t necessarily mean she?s ready to take your order. She will make it abundantly clear to you when she?s ready. If she hasn?t given you a direct look in the eye yet, that doesn?t mean she hasn?t seen you. Bartenders have great peripheral vision. It?s part of their job. Do not yell or bark an order, or worse, bang on the bar. Definitely do not wave your money around. These aggressive and obnoxious moves all guarantee you a long wait.

This is kind of an obvious one. The bartender is in the position of great power. They can literally destroy your night or make it amazing. So why would they waste that power on someone who’s acting like an asshole?

But some of the other Dos and Dont’s aren’t so obvious. Head over to the link above in order to find them out, and then never have to wait forty minutes for someone to simply crack open a bottle of beer again.

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