One Trick for Dating Gorgeous Women

Go get her

Let me ask you something, would you like to start dating girls who are really, really, really good looking?
I’m talking about models, actresses, etc… girls who are “professionally pretty” or who could be pick up modeling gigs if they chose to?

Well a lot of guys seem to think that this is where it’s at when it comes to women. But, at the same time the vast majority of men totally freeze up and act like weirdos in the presence of a smoking hot chick. And when I say the vast majority I mean like 95+%.

1. Go get her

And I’m not just talking about single guys in their twenties either… Nope, even most old married dudes get flustered when thrust into interactions with young beauties. The worst is watching a guy squirm in front of his wife or girlfriend. It must be sad for her to watch how her man turns into a quivering ball of jello when talking to the sexy waitress.

And here’s the kicker, these super hot babes have absolutely no interest at all in dating guys who get all nervous talking to them. They see these guys as pathetic. These are the kind of guys they might keep around to feed their egos and maybe buy them fancy dinners, but never the kind of guys that they could feel attraction for.

So what kind of guys do very attractive women go for?

Women with looks date a wide variety of men. You may have been surprised in the past to see a chick who looks like she just stepped out of a Victoria’s Secret catalogue on the arm of a fat bald dude, but it happens more than you think.

Some of these guys who get to date super hotties are tall, some aren’t. Some have money, some don’t. Some are fun, awesome guys that you would love to pal around with, others seem to have pretty crappy personalities… But they all have one thing in common, they don’t put women on pedestals because of their looks.

Simple enough right?

The trick is that you need to train yourself to stop having this kind of knee jerk reaction to attractive women. You need to get to the point where talking to a hot girl is no big deal at all.

The easiest way that I’ve found to do this is to “immerse yourself in beauty”, which basically means finding some hot women that you can spend time with to help you get used to it.

I was lucky… When I was a young teenager one of my best friends had a super hot older sister. She and her friends were like the “hot chicks club” in our high school but they were really nice to us and we used to chill and drink beer with them all the time.

At first I was nervous around these girls because they were the subjects of my adolescent fantasies, but the more I hung out with them the more I realized that they were just people… I saw them getting drunk and sloppy… I saw them sitting around in sweats with no make-up… and I even talked to them about their own insecurities.

Looking back this was a invaluable experience because it helped me to see that hot women aren’t these magical unicorns with golden vaginas.

And this one mental shift alone gives you a massive advantage with women who are on the hotter side.

So make a point to hang out with pretty women so that you can stop sweating them. If you have a friend with a hot girlfriend hang out with them as a third wheel sometimes. Or you could get a job at at restaurant that has a lot of hot waitresses that you can befriend. Heck you could even start going to the same stripclub all the time during off hours and make friends with the dancers…

I had a buddy who worked in a strip club for a while. He told me that after a while he got totally used to just hanging out in the dressing room surrounded by hot naked strippers. It just stopped being a big deal.

Anyhow, food for thought.

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